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  • Data Curator: An active role, which is a person who verifies the quality of the data; annotates the data; catalogues, preserves and maintains the data as a resource; and prepares various required data products.
  • Semantic Curator: An active role, which is a person who designs and maintains local and global conceptual models and uses those models to annotate the data and metadata.
  • Storage Administrator: An active role, which is a person who has the responsibilities to design data storage, tune queries, perform backup and recovery operations, set up RAID mirrored arrays, and make sure drive space is available for the network.
  • PID Manager: A passive role, a system or service which that assigns persistent global unique identifiers to data and metadata products. The Manager invokes a external entity, the PID Service, to obtain the PIDs. The manager maintains a local catalogue of PIDs which that are being used to reference data and metadata. If the data or metadata in the RI change location or are removed, the PID manager updates this information locally and informs the PID PID Service.
  • PID Generator: A passive role, a public system or service which generates and assigns persistent global unique identifiers (PIDs) to sets of digital objects. The PID Generator also maintains a public registry of PIDs for digital objects.
  • Storage System: A passive role, which includes memory, components, devices and media that retain data and metadata for an interval of time.
  • Catalogue System: A passive role, a catalogue system is a special type of storage system designed to support building logical structures for classifying data and metadata.
  • Data Curation Subsystem: the data curation subsystem is a passive role of the data curation community. It is the part of the research infrastructure which stores, manages and ensures access to all persistent data and metadata produced within the infrastructure.